Dear Citizens of District 1,

Mobile's past twenty years have been characterized by unprecedented growth and progress like no other time in the history of our city or in District 1. It was your strong support that made it all possible. I am appealing for your support again in the Tuesday, August 22nd Municipal Election. It is important for me to have strong support, because if I am strong in District 1, I will be strong Downtown.

My only business is your business. I hove no other job. When you ring. I spring. I pledge to continue to work for you, full time, every day. My voice is not new. I have been a voice in the district for over 40 years. With a strong voice came much success. The success we achieved over the past twenty years is reflected in the projects listed as accomplishments. The number one issue in the race for City Council, District 1, is that of continued sustained tried and proven LEADERSHIP. My record of fighting for you is open and I am proud of it. The best way to determine what a person may do for you in the future is to look at what they did for you in the past: If the answer is nothing, expect more of the some.

Because of your strong support of my leadership, District 1 is boking better than ever and is the envy of all other districts. It is also among the safest. Blight breeds crime. Knowing this, we hove removed tons of junk, trash, abandoned cars and dilapidated houses from District 1. Citizens are organized and working with the police to eliminate crime and all disorder from the district. Public Safety, Public Service, recruiting businesses and jobs are my highest priority.

You have been provided the highest quality free garbage and trash service. Monthly beat meetings are held just to hear from you and keep you informed and connected to city hall. Our future is much brighter than ever before, and with your continued support on August 22nd, I promise the best is yet to come. With Council's CIP initiative, we are addressing decaying infrastructure issues.

I pledge to keep growing our economy, producing more jobs for our citizens. I pledge to go wherever necessary to bring new industry and business to Mobile. I pledge to keep supporting venues that create and generate revenue. I pledge to keep working to keep our streets safe and neighborhoods clean. Together we can cross any hurdle and remove any obstacle that keeps Mobile from taking its place among the great cities of the world.

Please Vote Fred Richardson on August 22nd, and keep the progress going.

Fredrick Richardson, Jr.