Voices of District 1

Fred Richardson is a positive effective visionary whose efforts have been excellent in meeting the needs of the district.
Florence Benoit, Midtown
Fred Richardson is concerned about District 1 and the whole Mobile. He conducts his meetings in a highly effective manner and the atmosphere is very friendly. He listens and finds solutions.
Lillie Washington, Crichton
The news media said President Obama hit the ground running: Fred did too and he is still at full gallop. He sees things before they are; examples are the Sprayground for children and the pristine lake and fountain surrounded by lights in Tricentennial Park. Before Fred, in Trinity Gardens, jack rabbits needed boots when it rained; but not today. Trinity Gardens has paved streets and affordable brick homes for seniors and others. Fred did it.
Rev. Joseph Day, Toulminville
Fred's insight was the beginning of District 1 Community Policing Committee, that gives the people of District 1 a voice and a solution to their issues. This gentleman connected the people of District 1, beat by beat, street by street and house by house. Thank you Mr. Richardson, a politician we can trust.
Rev. Freddie Peterson, Floral Gardens
If Fred can't do it, he knows someone who can.
Carol Peterson Lynnwood
Fred Richardson is an asset to our community, specifically District 1. He brings dedication, vision and the willingness to support his district above and beyond the call of duty. Fred Richardson's civic devotion is paralleled by no one. His 12 year track record speaks for itself. We are fortunate to have him as our councilman.
Bradford Ladd,Ashland Place
The moonpie isn't one of Fred's weaknesses-it's, in fact, one of his biggest strengths, as it was one of the best ideas I've seen come out of Government Plaza in quite some time-just ask the downtown hoteliers and restauranteurs, who saw their rooms and tables full for the first time on New Years Eve in years.
Ashland Toland-Trice,Editor of Lagniappe
Fred's in-depth knowledge of City Government, with the years of experience, has served Fred Richardson well in successfully bringing Government and Democracy to the people in their own neighborhoods. I and my children thank him for this.
John Hollins, District 1 citizen
Recognizing needs and understanding the everyday lives of people in their neighborhoods ... And the real in-heart care for people is what has made the reputation of Fred Richardson as being the person who bravely and proudly stands up for the people.
Henry Dotch, District 1 citizen
Fred is the one and only elected person to ever make city government officials come into the very communities and neighborhoods and answer to the people; and be there to listen to what the people need; he is strong willed and never gave up; I and my family thank Fred for the Hurricane Relief he brought to the neighborhoods.
William Jackson, District 1 citizen
We must all look to see what has made District 1 so prominent in accomplishments and what has made District 1 known as the CAPITAL of where people get services, get attention and get action.
Retired Mobile Police Officer, District 1 citizen

Bulletproof Mobile
As Chairman of the City Council's Public Safety Committee, Fred Richardson joined Mayor Sam Jones in announcing a new initiative called "BulletProof", designed to curtail nightly open air gunfire in many neighborhoods. The goal is to get these illegal weapons off the street by paying persons to provide us a tip.


Thyssenkrupp Steel Negotiating Team
Thyssenkrupp Steel is the largest prive sector development in the history of the nation, $3.7 billion.
Mayor Sam Jones, Congressman Jo Bonner, Dr. Thomas Woelker of TK, Governor Bob Riley, Dr. Michael Rademacher of TK, Council Vice President Fred Richardson and Council President Reggie Copeland. The photo was made after all documents were signed to seal the deal on May 14, 2007.


In Washington Seeking Stimulus Funds
Councilman Fred Richardson met recently in Washington seeking Stimulus funds for needed projects in his district.
Pictured left to right:
US Congressman Artur Davis from Alabama, Councilman Fred Richardson and US Congressman Jo Bonner from Mobile.


Court was Conducted in the Open Street
By invitatation of Councilman Fred Richardson, Presiding Municipal Judge A. Holmes Whiddon took the Municipal Court to Good Street in District 1 on April 24, 2009, where court was conducted in the open street, in front of an abandoned dilapidated house, in hopes of gathering enough evidence to require the house to be repaired or demolished.


Toulminville Community Beat Meeting Fred Richardson is holding a Toulminville Community Beat Meeting on April 24, 2009, in the Toulminville Library. The group is developing a stregetic plan for Beats 33 & 34.


Grand Opening of Hank Aaron Park
The scene is the grand opening of the Hank Aaron Park, named in honor of Hank Aaron who played baseball at this location (former Carver Park). This is a Fred Richardson initiative.
Pictured left to right:
Councilman Fred Richardson, former Mayor Mike Dow, Hank's wife Billie Aaron, home run king Hank Aaron, Hank's mother Estella Aaron and far right, Mayor Sam Jones.


Business Trip to Paris
We are in Paris seeking aerospace business for Mobile.
Richardson in center, Mayor Dow to his right, Win Hallett to his left.


Police Precinct Groundbreaking
Breaking ground for a new police precinct named in honor of Mr. Richburg.
Pictured right to left:
Mr. Tyree A. Richburg, Councilman Richardson, and Councilman Clinton Johnson.


Clean-up Campaign
Fred helping out on cleanup day in Crichton.


Business Trip to Brazil
In Brazil drumming up business for Mobile.
2nd from left Councilman Clinton Johnson, Councilman Richardson in center and Mr. Win Hallett of Mobile Area Chamber.


Business Trip to Spain
Dow and Richardson are in Madrid, Spain seeking business for Mobile.
Facing front, Former Mayor Mike Dow and Councilman Fred Richardson, 3rd person.


Project for New Homes in District One
New homes in the Weems Avenue Affordable Homes Subdivision off Mobile Street, a project initiated by Councilman Fred Richardson.


Weed & Seed Meeting
Councilman Richardson meeting with Toulminville and Crichton Weed & Seed officials regarding upcoming projects.


Fred's District 1 Job Expo
An inside view of Fred's District 1 Job Expo where over 2,000 persons attended and another 2,000 had no where to park. It was held at Dumas Wesley Community Center in Crichton.


Campaign Phone Bank Workers
Fred Richardson campaign phone bank workers charged with getting the message out. They are the best.


Neighborhood Street Captain Oaths
Neighborhood Street Captains take the oath anually to keep their community free of disorder; administered by the Honorable Presiding Municipal Judge A. Holmes Whiddon.


Toulminville Community Beat meeting
Overflowing crowd at the Toulminville Community Beat meeting


Moon Pie Rising Over Mobile This is the scene form the New Year's Eve Moon Pie Rising Over Mobile, an event that attracted world-wide attention and was mentioned by Anderson Cooper of CNN moments before 2009 rolled in.

15,000 faced chilly weather, and packed out Cooper Waterfront Park, surrounding hotels and restaurants and bars downtown, just to be a part of this unique Moon Pie experience.

This event marked the first time in Mobile's history that a council member used discretionary or any other funds to create revenue, generate a venue and establish an annual destination for this an event.

RC Cola donated 5,000 sodas and the revenue went to the Salvation Army. Additionally, Hill & Brook Coffee donated 5,000 cups of coffee and 5,000 cups of hot chocolate. Funds from hot coffee and chocolate also went to the Salvation Army. At 29 degrees with wind at 20 mph, They sold out within 45 minutes.

It took the bold leadership of Councilman Fred Richardson to create this event, in the face of naysayers who predicted gloom and doom. Fred took the negatives and used it as fuel to propel his electronic Moon Pie to a global proportion. The latest prediction is, this event will double in size next year. Fred deserves much credit.


Fearless Fred
Former Mayor Mike Dow, Councilman Fred Richardson, Dr. Ben George, president of the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy and his wife. FEARLESS FRED, as some call Councilman Fred Richardson, is pictured seated at the head table at the Annual Banquet for the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy, where he was on program to address the group.

His message was, the Civil War is over. We must move forward beyond the past of our ancestors; that our future is much brighter than our past and our future is full of hope for everyone; that we can choose to live together as brothers, or we can die together as fools. That the battle flag of your ancestors that once instilled deep fear in the hearts of my people has absolutely no power over this generation. That he couldn’t find any appreciable evidence to justify that group holding animosity toward his people. That his ancestors endured every hardship without rebelling. That it is now time to bury the Hatchet, face down, so it will never rise up against us. And he closed by challenging them to lock arms with him and those of different ethnicities and march forward into a glorious future, where everyone can live in peace and be free to reach their fullest potential.

He received a standing ovation when he finished. Many lined up for Fred to autograph their program. This marked the first and last time a person of color has ever addressed this group.