• In Mobile's 315 years of existence, I am willing to put my record of service and citizen's participation in local government, against any past or present Mobile elected official over these 307 years.
  • The progress of our city today is greater than any other period in Mobile's history.
  • Today, Mobile is prospering while two thirds of all other cities of this nation are operating in the red. This in itself, means we are doing something right. Economic development and job growth have continued while the rest of the nation is on a decline.
  • In District 1, citizens have witnessed whole neighborhoods, characterized by blight and disorder, transformed into oasis of pride and beauty. Trinity Gardens is one example.
  • In District 1, citizens know that I am always working for them, all day, every day. When you ring, I spring. Together we can resolve any problem. District 1 continues to be the envy of all others.
Important Voting Dates
August 7, 2017 Last Day to register to vote
August 17, 2017 Last day for a voter to apply for a regular absentee ballot, 5 days prior to the election
August 21, 2017 Last day for a voter to apply for an emergency absentee ballot if he or she is required by his or her employer to be out of the country on election day
August 22, 2017 Election Day. Regular municipal elections are held on the fourth Tuesday in August.

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Important Phone Numbers

City Clerk's Office Call 208-7411 for information and questions regarding voing centers
Board of Registrars Call 574-8586 for information regarding registering to vote, checking city council districts, or changing voter information.
Probate Court Records Call 574-8490 to check general information on campaign contributions.
Fred Richardson Campaign Headquarters Call 455-4772 for information regarding Fred Richardson's Campaign.